Bubble Machine

This project is coming from a Felix Cartigina's idea and later developed by Anthony Thyssen on his home page. This device works very well but I haven't tested it hanging from my kite yet ...

You can find this liquid soap for bubbles in toy store or you can try these formulas :

1/4 dishwashing soap
1/4 glicerine
1/2 water


2/3 cup dishwashing soap
2 or 3 tablespoon glicerine
1 gallon water

A. Small plastic basin made from a can bottom with a plexiglass sheet glued on front side.

B. Disk with holes obtained from a 3 mm tk. plexiglass sheet. The holes edge are serrated to bubbles forming facilitate.

C. Aluminium fan.

D. Batteries : two AA Ni/Cd accumulators, 750 mAh.

E. Plastic can for bubbles liquid.

F. Nylon connection to pendulum rod.

G. Fan engine.

H. Geared engine ( modifyed servo).

I. Feeding rubber pipe. To feed the basin with right amount of liquid, I added a little plastic tap.

L. Pendulum rod. See also pendulum KAP device.

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