Spiral cloth Windsocks

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On picture above there is my spiral windsock.

This method for windsocks construction allow to make a sphere with identical spinnaker cloths.

Cardboard construction is quite difficult, at first you have to draw the sphere development divided by many spherical segments, then drawing in this scheme the figure wich wrap up the sphere, as you can see on side picture (click to enlarge).

In this exemple, the sphere is made by 10 identical gores.

Drawing up by vertical sides all pieces it's possible to make a S-shaped template like shown in side picture.

In this example, sphere has been divided in 20 gores, the use of many division parts make template very accurate.

I's possible obtain this even without computer aid: You have to draw a single gore and copy it with photocopier, draw gore development on it, cut all pieces and glue on cardboard.

Otherwise, CAD computer program make this process easy.

It's possible to obtain many variants, changing the number of cloths and other parameters.

On next exemple, only 5 identical gores need to make a sphere.

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You will add a 6 mm edge all around for the sewing pieces and mark some datum point on perimeter to help sewing.

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